We are a full service title company and offer various services to best serve our clients.


Escrow & Closing Services

At American Fidelity Title, we provide a wide range of escrow and closing services designed to meet our client’s needs for residential, commercial, multi-family unit and short sale

Title Search and Examination

This is a search made of the public records. Records searched include deeds, mortgages, paving assessments, liens, wills, divorce settlements and other documents affecting title to the property. Title examination is the examination of the documents found during the title search that affect the title to the property. This is when verification of the legal owner is made and the debts owed against the property are determined. Upon completion of the search and examination, a title commitment/ preliminary report is prepared, reviewed and sent out to interested parties.

Document Preparation

American Fidelity Title prepares the closing documents incident to issuance of title insurance and property conveyance. American Fidelity Title reviews the new lender’s instructions and requirements, reviews instructions from other parties to the transaction, reviews legal and loan documents, assembles charges, prepares closing statements, and schedules the closing.

Title Insurance Policy

American Fidelity Title provides a complete line of ALTA title insurance policies for both owners and lenders title insurance policies.

Electronic Recording

American Fidelity Title has partnered with one of the nation’s largest electronic recording companies. This software allows us to efficiently and expeditiously record the necessary documents. This electronic, paperless process yields a much faster turnaround by the county, which is usually a matter of minutes, especially for time-sensitive documents and provides better protection for our buyers, sellers and lenders!

1031 Exchange

Under the 1031 tax exchange division of the federal tax law, investors are allowed to use a 1031 exchange to defer taxes of real estate sales and subsequent purchases. American Fidelity Title is well versed in the 1031 exchange process and partners with several leading Qualified Intermediaries to provide a seamless process the client.